My approach to working with emotional intensity is to blend creative and intuitive approaches such as Art Therapy, Poetry Therapy and Photo Therapy with other evidence- based methods including Schema Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mentalisation-based Therapy, EMDR. The work is holistic in nature, and will include elements of Jungian Symbol Work, Enneagram Coaching, Dream Analysis, and Shadow work.

I am trained as an Art Psychotherapist, so many of my therapeutic interventions contain elements of creative imagination, visualisation and expression through metaphors and symbols. The process will involve creative homework and reflective exercises designed to help you consolidate the insights and progress we make within the sessions. For example, I may ask you to bring in photographs, doodle or some form of diary entries. Nothing is mandatory, however. It all depends on what you are comfortable with.

On top of 'fire-fighting' with the imminent issues,  we aim to make changes to the deep-seated life patterns that cause similar issues to come up again and again in your life. This process can create lasting changes because it looks beyond the surface and addresses the core emotional roots.

Sharing ideas and knowledge with you is a core part of our journey, as my goal is not to keep you in therapy forever. Ultimately, you will be equipped with the necessary skills and capacity so that you can take charge of your own growth.

I am trained in some of the following approaches and draw on them in an integrative way in our work together. Please click on the following links if you are interested in knowing more about them: